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About Southbound Tours

How we do it differently...

Southbound Tours has been founded by Marco Theron. He started his flying career as a scenic pilot and often flew guests on fly-in safaris around Namibia. He soon realised that there are more to the beauty of his work. Marco started to dream bigger. He dreamed of being the pilot, tour guide and tour agent all in one. His main goal is to organise a tailor-made safari with maximum comfort and zero hassles for his client. During all his safaris, he gained a lot of experience in the industry. He knows the ins-and-outs and want to share it with all whom longs to come to Africa.

"Flying has been my passion and starting my own tour agency has been my dream. My dream got wings."

Southbound Tours is working together with Westair Aviation for all their charter flights in Southern Africa. They are based in Windhoek, Namibia. With Westair's big fleet, experienced pilots, own maintenance company and flight school, they ensure a safe and sound tour by air. Each client has the security of experience and excellence with the partnership between Southbound Tours and Westair Aviation. 


Join us on this wonderful adventure of exploring Southern Africa. Scroll through the website to see which African destination we are already operating to and where we dream of going next.


Why choose Southbound Tours?

Southbound Tours is a 'flock of pilots' working together, networking with safari enthusiasts like you and using our knowledge and skills

to provide you with excellent travel advice and putting together the best possible tailor-made itinerary for you.

Why are Southbound Tours' travel advice better than their competitors? 

This 'flock of pilots' see every lodge, activity and landscape through the eyes of the client. We aren't being treated special when we go to the different lodges like normal travel agents do to impress them and send clients back. No, we get the honest perspective, so that we could organise a tailor-made safari according to your specifications.

When I confirm a tour, what is the legal implications if the tour is cancelled? 

We hope to never cancel any tours, however unforeseen events occur. Taking out a comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended and some third party suppliers require this. Southbound Tours follow standard practice in Namibian tourism with regards to cancellations. As a tour facilitator, Southbound Tours only book third party services, and each lodge, tour operator or other third party supplier's own cancellation policy will apply. Southbound Tour's cancellation policy covers most third party suppliers' policy. Feel free to look at the full Terms and Conditions in the website footer.

Do these 'flock of pilots' have enough experience to keep us happy on the ground and safe in the skies?

Every pilot is a well qualified commercial pilot. Normally the bigger and faster the aircraft gets, the more experienced the pilot will also be. Every pilot treats his clients professionally while flying or on the ground. If you invite him/her to your dinner table or game drives, they will be more relaxed and you could get to know them personally as well. It is always good having a local giving you all the inside information and letting you know which lodges to book on your next safari.

If we get a serious medical condition while in the middle of nowhere, can we fly with our pilot back to the city?

Some situations do require you to fly in a pressurised aircraft. If you're not on safari with a pressurised aircraft, we will have to make another plan. Westair Aviation does Medevac flights from Windhoek and fly everywhere in Namibia possible to land and also to it's neighboring countries. We will make sure to have all your medical insurance details before the safari start. If something happen, it will be quick to contact your insurance company and to organise a quick flight back to Windhoek or if more serious to Johannesburg or Cape Town.

What else does Southbound Tours offer which it's competitors doesn't?

We will give each passenger on board the plane a headset to use. Not all planes have headset jacks but we will connect all the passengers to each other. There are not many companies in Africa providing it's clients with headsets to wear. It is better for noise reduction in the aircraft than basic ear plugs . This means your hearing won't be affected after a safari with a lot of flying. The headsets are only required for non-pressurised aircraft as they are the noisy ones.

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