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Southbound Tours is proudly working together with charter company, Westair Aviation, to bring you the best African Safari  on the market.

Southern African countries all boast with a growing tourism industry and therefore have the facilities of catering for all types of clients; be it luxury travelers, adventurous people or for the relaxed wanting to lay next to the pool and indulge in a book.  These countries have luxury, 4 star and  3 star accommodation. The Westair fleet ranges from single engine 6 seat aircraft to multi-engine 12 seat aircraft. They also have luxury equipped pressurised aircraft with 6 and 8 passenger seats for those who want nothing but the best on their African Safari. Westair also operates a 8 passenger seat luxury jet if you are interested in a VIP flight between the countries you're travelling to during your safari.

We recommend to plan your safari anything from 10 days - 2 weeks or longer if you prefer it. however, if you only have a week or less to take some time off from work, we will be more than happy to arrange something spectacular.

When planning...

Southbound Tours specialises in tailor-made safaris. It is therefore very important to know exactly what our clients' expectations and interests are.


What we need to know:

  • Do you prefer 50/50 on game viewing and landscapes? Do you lean more towards one or the other?

  • Do you want to do as much as possible with a full day schedule, or do you want some off time next to the pool every now and then?

  • During which time of the year do you plan on touring?

  • What are the total amount of days you want to be in Africa during this tour?

  • Do you prefer to stay 2 or 3 days at each destination?

  • Are you more interested in accommodation giving you the 'bush' feeling or modern accommodation?

  • Africa serves each and every person's need. Some people only want to go to the best and most luxurious lodges, while other people are only interested in good food, good service and comfortable accommodation. What are your preference?

  • Which type of aircraft would you prefer to tour with? Go to our page "Fleet." There are many different types with different specifications. The faster, bigger and more luxurious it gets; the more expensive it gets as well.

If there are anything else which you desire, which we don't have on our website, you can make a request and we'll do our best to make it possible. Some people need a translator, personal tour guide, 2 pilots instead of one for insurance reasons, professional wildlife photographer, private vehicles for each safari at each destination or request that your pilot be with you at all destinations. Whatever your request, we will do our best to make it a happen!


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