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The Do`s, the Don`ts and the Absolute No-no`s when touring to Southern Africa.

Updated: Mar 31

When I think of traveling, I can`t help seeing the famous hobbit, Mr Bilbo Baggins, running through the Shire with his travel pack bouncing merrily on his back while shouting ”I`m going on an adventure!” Most of us have tasted that feeling – anticipation wrapped in epic countdowns sprinkled with a touch of insanity. Still, nothing seems to beat the wonder of experiencing a new destination. The cultures, the religions, the languages, the folklores and, especially, the breathtaking scenes.

But barely legible, in the fine print of every adventure, are the T&Cs. Regardless of the style of traveling (backpacking, road tripping or luxury flying safaris) there is a level of etiquette all tourists must adhere to.

Photo credit: Radek Borovka on Shutterstock

Code of Conduct Southbound Tours

# Value Local Traditions and Customs

  • Before traveling, research the customs and traditions (festivals, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) of destination so you can share, participate and celebrate with the community.

  • Learn a few words in the local languages to better connect with its people.

  • Respect and protect everything that makes this destination unique and different, such as its history, environment, architecture and culture.

  • See how it is expressed in their religions, music, art, tales, food and cooking.

  • Ask for consent when taking photographs of local people.

# Support the Local Economy

# Respect the Environment

# Be cautious when Visiting Environment, Heritage, Archaeological or other Sites.

# Be an Informed and Respectful Traveler


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