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"Tourism will not recover". Beg to differ?

Luxury travel is now better than it has ever been for the consumer.

As the Charter Coordinator at Westair Aviation based in Namibia, I have seen more private jets flying into Namibia in higher numbers than what I've ever seen before. Is it maybe only more noticeable now, because the amount of tourists traveling with airlines are less? Could be...

One fact remains; people who don't care to spend money on holidays, will always yearn to break away.

I say again; luxury travel is now better than it has ever been for the consumer:

  1. Your whole tour is easily 20-30% cheaper than what it has been before.

  2. Some of the more packed lodges are now less occupied.

  3. The tourist hot spots can be appreciated more, as there is easily 90% less tourists.

  4. Last minute bookings are possible throughout the year.

  5. Nature seems untouched

The list can go on and on but the most important thing to take note of is that, now is the time to travel to Africa.

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