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the jewel of Africa

Zimbabwe, 'the jewel of Africa' as it was once known, has gone through some of the toughest political strains of Africa. Though it became very poor and though it went through a tough battle of racial hate over the last few decades, it has never lost its beauty.

Although you have a chance of spotting the Big 5 in Africa, take note it is rare to spot leopards and rhinos in Zimbabwe. It has numerous lions, wildebeests, giraffes, hyenas etc. There are also many different bird species which is a photography paradise.

1. Victoria Falls day trip, white water rafting, bridge swing, bungee jump, Zambezi canoeing, fishing, sunset cruise.

2. Luxury Houseboat accommodation with motorised boats for river safaris and river cruises. Tiger Fishing.

3. Typical safari game drives from dawn to dusk.

4. Night game drives, boat cruises looking for hippos and crocodiles. Game drives during the day to spot elephants and lions.

1. Victoria Falls, Craft Market

2. Largest man-made lake in the world. Rich life of wild around the lake.

3. The grasslands and mopane woods are home to all wild species including lions, African Wild Dogs, Elephants and antelopes. 

4. Big herds of Elephants gather next to the river and wetlands. Nile crocodiles and hippos also make their way out the water for sun light. Lions and many different antelopes can be spotted.

1. Victoria Falls

2. Lake Kariba

3. Hwange National Park

4. Mana Pools

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